Easy to use memory app for Alzheimer's & Dementia patients, families, and caretakers.

Easy to use memory app for Alzheimer's & Dementia patients, families, and caretakers.

Helping memory loss patients remember — in the moments they forget.

Works on Smartphones, Tablets, & Computers

All uploaded information can be accessed from phones, tablets, computers, anything that can run iPhone and Android apps. This allows all caretakers and loved ones to have access to this memory support aid from their devices — giving everyone the ability to hand this to the person suffering from Alzheimer's, whenever having this information can help.

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Memory Books for Alzheimer's & Dementia Patients

When technology is not the right fit, or if you just want to have the extra support of physical books around the house, we have a solution. Once the patient's information is securely uploaded, we can then take everything and have books printed, in a variety of formats. Each menu item of the app, becomes a printed chapter. This allows the user to have everything in an easy to flip, book. Hard cover, soft cover, and full color high quality digital prints are the optional standards.

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Help for Patients, Families, Friends, & Caretakers

Access to Life Facts

Forgot & Found gives Alzheimer's and dementia patients instant access to photos and information of their caretakers, family, and friends, as well as immediate reference to their life story, daily routine, health history, and a list of medications they are supposed to be taking. Our goal is give access to the information that would help us remember, when confusion and memory loss sets in and occurs.

An App for Everyone

We've made an easy to use application with one goal in mind, to help Alzheimer's patients remember the vital information that help us define who we are. Watching our loved one's suffer to remember where they come from, and who people are is hard. So we give everyone a tool that gives them the ability to help those who suffer from memory loss and confusion.

Easy to Setup & Use

The app itself has no settings that the patient can access. Everything is uploaded via our website. This way the user doesn't have to worry about hitting a button that goes into all kinds of settings and menu items. Anything that is clicked, goes forward and back, with simple language that guides them, just as we would speak to each other when we get lost and confused. It's easy to set up, and even easier to use.

"I didn't think the app would be that useful as my mom doesn't use technology too much—so we got the books too. Both have been so helpful, at different times! You can practically see my Mom calm down as she reads the information, especially when she gets confused. This is such a bittersweet resource for those who have to deal with Alzheimer's. Everyone should give this a try!"

Nancy A. - Florida

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