Online Course for Criminal Justice

The online course gives you access to 6+ hours of training video content, along with topic quizzes, and a final exam. After you pass the final exam you will be issued a Certificate of Course Completion.

At the end of this course you will be able to full understand:

  • The medico-legal death investigation process
  • How to approach crime scenes that result in death
  • How the dead body is processed, documented, and transported
  • How the autopsy is conducted
  • How the cause and manner of death is determined

Student Special Pricing

If you are currently enrolled in a Criminal Justice, Legal, or Law Enforcement program, you can take advantage of our student access offer. Instead of paying full price for the program, you will be given the option to pay a reduced monthly access payment. You will get 4 months of access to the online course, by simply paying 4 monthly payments, that equal to less than half of what professionals pay.

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Professionals in the Criminal Justice System

Get lifetime access to online training for professional continuing education needs.

For professionals in the Criminal Justice System we provide lifetime access to the online training. We are constantly adding more content and creating new training solutions.

With your investment in training, you will have ongoing access to the Forensic Death Investigation Online Course, forever. 

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