“The film is exceptional in clarity and content. Each photograph has been included for educational impact and is of production quality. Often what is portrayed on television is inaccurate and misleading. Forensic Death Investigation 'tells it like it is' and students appreciate the detail and real world flavor of the material. Prior to showing the film I told my students that there would be pictures more graphic than any they have seen. They were doubtful. I told them that any student who found the images to intense to deal with that they would be free to leave class. The students in my class are both forensic science students and criminal justice students. Criminal Investigation is a required course for both. The class was eager to see the film and no one left. Many were surprised at the stark reality and I found some ducking at certain pictures especially those of children but I think it may have been a formative moment for many.”

Criminal Justice Chair at Chaminade University of Honolulu

Ron Becker (Author, "Criminal Investigation" 2nd Edition)



“Many thanks for having had the opportunity to preview your DVD Training Program on Forensic Death Investigation. It is a tremendous tool for classroom instruction and brings to life issues which are sometimes difficult to understand in textbook fashion. The various topical areas contribute to the relevancy in an academic setting where sections can be used in different courses and not limited to forensics only. It is my belief also, having taught at a police academy for 22 years, that exposing recruits to this information through the DVD is very appropriate. We look forward to using this material in our School of Criminal Justice and certainly know our students will definitely benefit from the experience.”

Chair, School of Criminal Justice at ITT-Technical Institute, Miami

John J. Vollmann, Jr., Ph.D.



“The principle value that I see with this program is the ability to present forensic investigation at an early stage in an overall Criminal Justice Course Program. The program, while comprehensive, is presented at a level which satisfies my appreciation of academic standards and valuable and necessary information to develop both a base for further studies and course work and a tweaking of the students interests.”

School of Criminal Justice at ITT-Technical Institute, Miami

Robert Stanley Powell



“Excellent! Even for someone like me who has been in Law Enforcement for over 30 years.”

Detective at Bay City (MI) Police Department

Barry E. Kenyon



“Overall, this is a very good program. The reality demonstrations were (are) very helpful. Students love reality based cases.”

Instructor of Criminal Justice and Police Chief, Ferrum College Ferrum, VA

Debbie L. Hogan



“Actual pictures are excellent.”

Criminal Justice Professor at Grayson County College Denison, TX

Dwayne Barber



“I will be using this video as a key element when instructing the "Injury and Death Investigation Course.”

Associate Professor and Chairman Palm Beach State College

Paul Friedman

Student Reviews: How would this program assist you in your studies?

These are unsolicited reviews of the training content from Criminal Justice students.

“This program will assist me more than enough because first, it explains detail to detail of each subject and then covers every stage of all the topics spoke about.”


“This program can assist me in my studies by giving me a better view of Forensics and some of the things that are being looked for when determining the time, place, and manner of one’s death.”


“This program is so exclusive I know for a fact that my hands on experience will help in the future.”


“It would help me by giving me a better understanding of the Forensic Science Field.”


“To realize that this is true and that this is out there in the street and perhaps that you will probably be seeing this.”


“This program would help me understand the proceedings of a crime scene investigation better as well as fill me in to the things that take place that I was not aware of.”


“…in the way evidence is to be collected and important visual information that has to be recorded.”


“It will help me very well because it let’s me know what I am getting into.”


“Being able to see the real crime senes and actual death scenes gives me the exposure I need to let me know I will be able to handle my future career. ”


Student Reviews: Would you use this program as a study aid?

These are unsolicited reviews of the training content from Criminal Justice students.

“I'd be stupid not to use this!”


“Yes, because it shows one how it really is.”


“No doubt about it!”




“Definitely, this program is perfect for studying. It helps you understand more the Forensic career and all the methods and technology that you would be working with.”


“Definitely. It’s very helpful and it helps you to think that this is what you are going to be facing.”


“Yes, I will use this program as a study aid.”


“Yes I would for forensic study in the future quarters.”


“Yes, I would use this program for study procedures and maybe work purposes.”


Student Reviews: Would you like it if your school gave this program to you as a part of class materials? How valuable would you find this?

These are unsolicited reviews of the training content from Criminal Justice students.

“Yes, because it’s the real thing. It's so valuable for the line of work I’m interested in. I could go over it and review it at my leisure.”


“Definitely, extremely valuable as previously indicated it would be used several times.”


“I would love it. It is a simple way to study terms, we will match easily the definition with the picture.”


“Of course! Absolutely! I’d find it very valuable because the DVD training program is of great aid to us Criminal Justice Students.”


“I would love it if they gave this to the class, just because it’s very good to learn, and your knowledge will grow. It is very valuable. It makes you have more choices in the field.”


“Yes I would love to have it as a class material. It would help me in CSI.”


“Yes. I find this helpful for anyone who is studying for the career of Criminal Justice.”


“I believe they should especially for Criminal Justice students or in the medical field because no matter what, we’re going to be dealing with this stuff.”


“I would like if my school would teach and give this type of program as part of my class. This would be very valuable for learning especially in the Criminal Justice major.”


Student Reviews: What do you rate the content and topics covered?

These are unsolicited reviews of the training content from Criminal Justice students.

“Perfect 10, once again it was very informative and interesting.”


“I would rate it as A+”


“I will rate the content and topics covered 100% accurate and the best detailed. Perfect, excellent to study.”


“10, I think it covers every aspect of forensics, and the content is very well presented and organized.”


“I rate the content and topics covered perfect to anyone who wants to be a Forensic Death Investigator.”


“The content and topics on this DVD is very educational and interesting from my point of view.”


“100% A A A.”


“I give it a 9. It was very specific on every detail that it talked about.”


“Very good presentation, A+ job. I want to watch it again.”


Student Reviews: Other thoughts and comments...

These are unsolicited reviews of the training content from Criminal Justice students.

“I think the material in the Training Program was very good. It explains everything step-by-step. For me, this type of program is easier than reading a whole book, on the same material.”


“I will buy this Training Program just for my own knowledge. It will help me later on in the field of Criminal Justice.”


“Thank you for the video that we got to see. I love Criminal Justice and it is important for us, who want to study Criminal Justice.”


“I think this is a great video. It gives me a better look at what I will be dealing with in my career.”


“I loved the film. The graphics were amazing and the narration was on point. I have not seen any other training program(s) besides FDI, and if they all are as great as this one, I look forward to it.”


“It’s very scary but at the same time you learn a lot from it, especially things about the body I never knew. The way the video shows the whole procedure in an investigation and how they evaluate the crime scene is great.”


“Everything is well done and very educational. I would recommend the video to any criminal justice student or forensic student.”


“I think we should use programs like this to inform students and teach them about real world situations.”


“It talks about a lot of what I want to study.”