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Content is the result of 1000's of autopsy and crime scene investigations. This is the first, all-encompassing, training video solution that covers the entire medico-legal death investigation process. These include crime and accident scenes resulting in death. In-depth, and with actual images from real investigations, this program sets the standard for a true audio-visual learning experience for the Criminal Justice System.

Further featured is, the KeyWord CallOut. Each time an important concept or vocabulary term is referenced in narration, a graphic appears with the word for visual reference. Reinforcing what is heard in narration, and then portrayed with the images, is further reinforced by the ability to see the visual spelling of each word. This technique immerses the user's mind into the content, stimulating the brain with multiple learning cues, all at once. This comprehensive tool is a first for Criminal Justice and learning the fundamentals of the death investigation process.

The review video mentions the DVD set we originally sold. All of the content of the DVDs has been reformatted for the Internet and instant accessibility.



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